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Senior Frontend Developer


  • Collaborates with designers, developers and product owners to implement scalable and interactive applications.
  • Identifies and keeps abreast of novel technical concepts and markets.
  • Provides technical leadership and documentation to developers and stakeholders.
  • Applies usability procedures and principles as defined at project or product-line level or through customer input. 
  • Produces analyses and designs on which design conclusions are based. 
  • Builds prototypes, products and systems suitable for testing and sets up and runs lab simulations.
  • Builds sophisticated and elegant user interfaces
  • Contributes to design standards and supports design re-use.
  • Interacts and engages with customers, users, and product managers and technical architects to understand needs and increase positive impact of users’ experience.


  • Bachelors or Master degree in computer science or related
  • 3 years or above of relevant experience preferred
  • Proficiency in: C++/Qt/QML, CSS3, Javascript
  • Experience of implementing design, providing UX advice and creating guidelines.
  • Excellent time-management, multi-tasking, and communication skills. Capable of juggling multiple projects and related complexities at the same time.
  • Good interpersonal and communication skills 
  • Interest in delivering appealing and easy to use user interfaces
  • Knowledge of design principles and user interaction standards
  • Knowledge of visual aesthetic components: layout, fonts, color, animations, graphic elements
  • Combine technical skills and design sensibilities
  • Strong front end development
  • Have a good understanding of latest frameworks and visual trends
  • Learn quickly in a fast-paced environment
  • Work on a wide variety of tasks using emerging technologies
  • Sketch and get prototyping in code

Immediate available will be advantage

Location: Paris

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